Groups active at the Italy-France border and regionally. To update the list, contact us.

Activist support groups

  • Bar Hobbit. A bar that welcomes anyone and provides basic support to people on the move.
  • Kesha Niya. Volunteers providing food and information to people on the move at the border.
  • at the border.
  • Mosaico Refugees. Association supporting refugees, promoting their rights, sharing information, cooperating with Oulx.
  • Parole sul confine. Network of people following struggles around Ventimiglia.
  • Progetto 20K. Volunteers providing food and information to people on the move at the border.
  • Refuges Solidaires. Association providing hosting and transit in Briançon.
  • Roya Citoyenne. French association raising funds and distributing food in Ventimiglia.
  • Tous Migrants. Citizen movement advocating for political action Briançon. Formerly named Pas En Notre Nom Briançon.

Institutional support groups

  • Coordination des Actions à la Frontière Franco-Italienne pour les personnes Migrantes (Caffim). Network of institutions and associations supporting migrants.
  • Caritas Intemelia Ventimiglia. Catholic organization providing hosting, food, medical care and other support to people on the move in Ventimiglia.
  • Diacognia Valdese. Protestant organization providing social and legal support to people on the move in Ventimiglia.
  • Médecins du Monde. Physicians providing medical care to people on the move.
  • Médecins sans frontières (MSF) . Humanitarian organization reporting on the medical situation.
  • Save the Children Italia. Humanitarian organization providing social support to minors.
  • WeWorld Ventimiglia. Italian organization doing outreach and coordination in Ventimiglia.

Legal support

Support groups not at the border


Public authorities



  • Commissariat
  • Police aux Frontières de Briançon
  • Police aux Frontières de Menton
  • Préfecture

European Union

Former organizations

  • Caminare Insieme. Catholic group providing free specialized healthcare. Appears to be inactive.
  • Camini di Salute. Association providing generalist consultations and intercultural support. Appears to be inactive.
  • Casa cantonera. Occupied house. Closed.
  • Il refugio. Church providing overnight stay for children and women. Closed in 2017 after change of priest.
  • Italian Red Cross. Humanitarian organization managing a transit center in Ventimiglia. Closed in 2020.
  • Presidio Permanente No Borders Ventimiglia. Group active in 2015-16.