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A new research notebook on Italy-France migration

Duty of care in Italy-France migration is a legal advocacy project of the Human Rights & Migration Law Clinic offered by the International University College of Turin.


Countries of the European Union have to “welcome asylum seekers in a dignified manner, ensuring that they are treated fairly and their case is examined following uniform standards.” (EU).

However, forced migrants crossing Italy to France (Ventimiglia to Menton or Oulx to Briançon) are denied their right to live in decent conditions, and to apply for asylum. Daily, French border authorities push back 150 people, in disrespect of the Schengen agreement and courts’ rulings, including from the Conseil d’Etat. On the Italian side, municipalities closed a Red Cross transit center in 2020; humanitarian groups supporting migrants are sued or their resources cut; and physicians providing essential care to migrants are financially prejudiced.


Our aim is to provide an overview of the situation, amongst others

  • providing a list of sources (reports from NGO, scientific articles, field information, etc)
  • mapping the stakeholders (migrants, public authorities, activist groups, humanitarians, legal support, media, etc.)
  • sharing updates about our research
  • sharing interviews

This content can be shared and adapted under certain conditions: see Credits.

To cite: Balli Fabio. A new research notebook on Italy-France migration. Duty of care in Italy-France migration 2021; 1. ISSN to come.