Duty of care in Italy-France migration is a research notebook for the legal advocacy project of the International University College of Turin. This project is part of the Human Rights & Migration Law Clinic offered by Prof. Ulrich Stege. The project team is composed of

  • Fatima Zelharch
  • Merna Zohdy
  • Haiyang Kong (孔海洋)
  • Fabio Balli


The notebook is edited by Fabio Balli and published in Turin (Italy). An ISSN application is pending. Articles will be published and pages will be updated from April 13 till July 31 2021 at least.

Contact: info (arobase) fabioballi (dot) net


Unless otherwise mentioned, the content of this research notebook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International license. The content may therefore be shared and adapted, provided that you acknowledge the source and share the content created under the same license.


Should you wish to contribute to this blog or the project, please send an email to the editor. Migrants, citizens, non-institutional researchers and media are particularly welcome!


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