Report on inhumane detention of migrants at the CPR Turin

On May 9 2021, Moussa Balde, a 22-year-old boy commited suicide while being confined in the Pre-removal detention centre of Turin.

Migrants lawyers from the Association for Immigration Law Studies rapidly released a black book describing the inhumane living conditions of migrants detained in such centers.

Affected by this report, our team decided to translate this Italian report in both English and French, and improve the format of this report by highlighting key information, and adding pictures taken by ASGI. The translations as well as the new italian version of the report are now available in full open access.

First page of the report.

A short report of the situation was done in Italian by the official broadcast Rai. Beware that violent pictures are shown in the first thirty seconds of the video.

Further information can be found at Information about migrants’ rights can be found on the ASGI website.

This content can be shared and adapted under certain conditions: see Credits.

To cite: Balli Fabio. A new research notebook on Italy-France migration. Duty of care in Italy-France migration 2021; 7. ISSN to come.

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